How to fill Income tax return online?

Why depend on CA to file a tax return. when you can fill it out by yourself, i share the step by step method, filling out a complete tax return is an easy way. Check this article ‘How to pay zero tax for income upto 12 lac‘.

Step by step process, how to Fill Online Income tax return?

  1. Go to the Income Tax e-Filing portal,
  2. Login to e-Filing portal by entering user ID (PAN), Password, Captcha code and click ‘Login’.

3. Enter your user ID, Password, Captcha code/OTP than click Login

4.Click the ‘Filling of Income tax return’ Hyperlink, OR

Or Click on the ‘e-File’ menu and click ‘Income Tax Return’ link.

5. On Income tax return page

  • PAN will be auto-populated
  • Select ‘Assessment Year’
  • Select ‘ITR Form Number’
  • Select ‘Filing Type’ as ‘Original/Revised Return’
  • Select ‘Submission Mode’ as ‘Prepare and Submit Online’

6. Click on ‘Continue’

7. Now Fill the applicable and mandatory fields.

Note :
Save your details periodically by clicking ‘save draft ‘ button to save the detailed you entered in ITR form. The details of the saved draft will be available for 30 days from the date of filling.

8. Check the prefilled data and change any incorrect detail

9. Enter Relevant details in the computation of income and tax slab

10. Enter House property detail

11. Enter Income from any other source

12. Enter all the deduction applicable to you in Section 80 C, Check this article ‘how to save income tax through section 80C

13. Enter detail of exempt income

14. Check and edit the details under the tax details tab

If required add or delete rows

Don’t forget to save draft

15. Check and edit the details under the taxes paid and verification tab.

16. Choose the appropriate Verification option in the ‘Taxes paid and Verification’ Tab

Now you can Choose any one of the following as per your convenient to verify the Income Tax Return:

1st : I would like to e-Verify

2nd : I would like to e-Verify later within 120 days from date of filing.

3rd : I don’t want to e-Verify and would like to send signed ITR-V through normal or speed post to “Centralized Processing Center, Income Tax Department, Bengaluru – 560 500” within 120 days from date of filing.

Suppose you select “I would like to e-Verify” Than click next

17. Fill Schedule DI only if claiming deduction under part B of chapter Vl-A between first quarter (1.4.2020 to 31.07.2020)

18. Enter the detail of medical insurance Check “section 80D” article to help filling this

19. Enter the relevant donation detail it comes under “section 80G” check this article for more information

20. Click preview and submit. click OK to preview the filled form.

21. Click on ‘Preview and Submit’ button, verify all the data entered in the ITR.

22. Verification all details

23. ‘Submit’ the ITR.

By choosing the option “I want to perform e-verification”, electronic verification can be performed via one of the following methods by entering the EVC / OTP when prompted. EVC generated by the ATMor the Generate EVC option under My account

  • Aadhaar OTP
  • Pre-validated bank account
  • Pre-validated Demat account

The EVC / OTP must be entered within 60 seconds, otherwise the tax return (ITR) will be submitted automatically. The submitted ITR must be verified later by using the “My Account> e-Verify Return” option or by sending the signed ITR-V to the CPC.

Or if you choose “I do not wish to perform e-verification and would like to send a signed ITR-V by regular or speed post to” Central Processing Center, Income Tax Department, Bengaluru – 560 500 “within 120 days. the date of filing.

Note : When choosing the other two verification options, the ITR will be submitted, but the ITR filing process is not complete until it has been verified. The submitted ITR must be e-Verified later using the ‘My Account> e-Verify Return’ option or the signed ITR-V must be sent to CPC, Bengaluru.

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